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I'm an artist with a focus on nature and landscapes.​

My love for painting nature comes from its many beautiful shapes and color, without strict rules on sizes and proportions. My art style is a combination of impressionism, abstract, and modernism. A lot of my art is based on places I have visited, and other works are based on places I plan to explore as my life journey progresses. My medium mainly consists of acrylic paint on canvas where I aim to capture the ever changing colors of the days and seasons.

Original art pieces and prints are available for purchase. I am also open for commissions to create a custom, one of a kind art piece, tailored specifically for you. For more information, please message me in the Contact page, or get in touch with me through phone, email, Facebook, or Instagram. 

Thank you for visiting my site. Follow me on social media for news, updates, and special offers.

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